“Kamala Harris Takes the Reins, Juggles Hot-Button Issues with Joe Biden in Tow

Watertown NY 03.31.24 written by Hans Wilder

Well, well, well, would you look at that? Our very own Vice President Kamala Harris has been stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight, taking on some heated topics and trying to convince the fractured coalition of voters to give her and good ol’ Joe Biden a second term.

Now, I’m not one to take sides, but I gotta say, it’s pretty interesting watching her navigate the political landscape. She’s been talking about reforming marijuana laws, visiting abortion clinics, calling for ceasefires in Gaza, and even walking the bloodstained crime scene of a school shooting.

As the left-leaning voters question Biden’s age and leadership, and polls show him in a tight race against that other guy, Harris is taking on more controversial topics and speaking her mind. She’s even gone as far as visiting an abortion clinic and using words like “uterus” and “fibroids” in her speeches.

But let’s not forget, she’s also pushing for a ceasefire in Gaza and calling for Israel to do more to ease the “humanitarian catastrophe” in the region. Now, some folks are cheering her on, while others are demanding more policy changes.

And while Biden focuses on the “kitchen table” economic issues that will sway the centrists, Harris is embracing a more pugilistic role, talking about reproductive rights and freedoms.

But it’s not all smooth sailing for our VP. She’s been given some seemingly intractable issues to deal with, like migration and voting rights. And let’s not forget, her approval ratings aren’t exactly stellar.

But hey, if Biden wins the white vote for the third election in a row, they’re gonna need a strong showing from a diverse group of folks who typically favor Democrats. So, it looks like Harris has her work cut out for her.

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