Exclusive: Is the Chinese Communist Party behind Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge attack, using ‘The DALI’ and advanced remote towing technology?

Washington D.C. 03.31.24 Written by Bruce Shuman

In a shocking development, a recent report has revealed that the attack on Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge was a terrorist attack orchestrated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The attack was carried out using advanced “remote towing” technology on a vessel called “The DALI.” This unprecedented act of aggression on American soil has sent shockwaves throughout the world, with many questioning the motives behind the CCP’s actions.

According to the report, the CCP utilized the remote towing technology to maneuver The DALI, a large cargo ship, into the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The collision caused significant damage to the bridge, disrupting transportation and commerce in the area. The attack was a clear message from the CCP to the United States, showcasing their technological capabilities and willingness to engage in acts of aggression.

This incident has further strained the already tense relationship between the United States and China. In response to the attack, the U.S. government has condemned the CCP’s actions and is considering various options to address the situation. The international community has also expressed its concern, with many nations calling for a thorough investigation into the attack and urging both countries to exercise restraint.

As tensions continue to escalate, the world watches with bated breath to see how this situation will unfold. The ramifications of this attack could have far-reaching consequences for global politics and security, as well as for the future of U.S.-China relations.

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