Watertown’s Wild Water Wonderland: Turning Snowy Streets into Swimming Retreats!

Written by Hans Wilder 03/30/2024 NYC

Well, isn’t it just fascinating how some folks in Watertown think they can turn the whole place into a water wonderland? I mean, outdoor swimming pools in every neighborhood? In a city that’s practically a snow globe for half the darn year? That’s like selling ice cream in Antarctica!

And here’s the kicker, right in our backyard, we’ve got Lake Ontario chilling out, literally. So why not shake hands with some big-shot businesses in the area, get them to sponsor bus rides to Wescott’s Beach? It’s like a natural aquatic retreat without the need for kiddie pools on every street corner.

Now, my friend, let’s not stop there. How about we chase down some grant money, maybe grab a bit of private equity, and build a swimming paradise with a wave-pool, lazy river ext ext up at Thompson Park? Picture this: a world-class indoor swimming venue, perched on a hill, overlooking the city. You’re lounging in tropical bliss, sipping a drink, while outside, the snow’s having a full-blown tantrum. It’s like a tourist attraction and a money printer all rolled into one.

And, of course, being the practical dreamers we are, let’s throw in a parking garage that connects to this wonderful facility. Winter ain’t messing around, and neither are we. Watertown, my friend, let’s think big. We’re not just a city; we’re the city of the future. People from miles around will flock here for the ultimate swim-snow spectacle. “If you’re gonna dream, dream big, and make sure there’s a pool involved, even in a blizzard!”


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