Watertown’s Wallet Woes: City Hall’s 19% Tax Hike Is A Joke, But They’re Not Laughing!

Watertown NY 04.22.2024 by Hans Wilder

Hey, folks, gather around! Let’s talk about the latest act in the grand circus that is local government. You know, just when you thought your wallet could take a breather, along comes our dear City Manager, Mr. Eric F. Wagenaar, swinging a brand-new, shiny tax rate increase. And it’s not just any increase; we’re talking a whopping 19%! Apparently, Eric and his merry band at City Hall have been playing it too cool for too long, and now they’ve decided to play catch-up with our money.

Now, they’ve wrapped up this gift in a neat $58.4 million budget proposal. It’s like ordering a luxury car and finding out it’s powered by your tears. The City Council got a sneak peek over the weekend. Imagine them, huddled together, whispering, “Do you think they’ll buy it this time?” as they plot how to sell us this financial heartbreak.

So, next time you’re sipping that slightly more expensive cup of coffee, staring down at your rising bills, remember: City Hall’s got plans for your cash, and those plans don’t involve you taking any fancy vacations anytime soon. Buckle up, Watertown, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

And remember, in the world of taxes, “temporary” is the longest lie, and “necessary” is the most dubious truth!

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