Six Months Later: The Unimaginable Horrors of the October 7th Israeli Slaughter

By: John Anderson, Digital Media USA News Middle East Correspondent

Tomorrow marks six months since the tragic and brutal October 7th slaughter of innocent Israelis. The horrific events that took place that day are still difficult to fathom. In the midst of this unimaginable tragedy, women were brutally raped, their breasts cut off and passed around by the terrorists before being tossed in the dirt. The families of those still held hostage are left to endure unimaginable pain and suffering.

A mother recently shared her heart-wrenching experience in an interview, detailing how every morning she puts on a brave face and tries to get through the day. Her 23-year-old son was among those taken hostage at the music festival. She likened the pain to having a hot branding iron constantly on her back. The attack was orchestrated by Iran, which has now vowed to retaliate against Israel for a recent attack that killed one of their terrorist generals.

With Iran on the verge of obtaining a nuclear bomb and already possessing missiles to deliver it, the situation in the Middle East is becoming increasingly volatile. For our entire lives, there has been constant strife in this region. It seems Iran is not deterred by the possibility of Israeli retaliation, as they continue to chant “death to Israel” and “death to America.” Israel is referred to as the “little Satan,” while America is the “big Satan.” Their ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel, and their religion welcomes Armageddon as it is believed to lead to Paradise.

It is high time for Islam to undergo a Reformation, similar to other religions. Radical Islamists have hijacked the faith, using fear, intimidation, and violence to maintain control. The Quran contains shocking verses about Jews, such as “smite them at their necks” and “cut off a hand and leg on the opposite side of the body.” There is even a passage stating that if a Jew is hiding behind a tree, the tree will call out to the Muslim, urging them to come and kill the Jew hiding behind it.

The world must stand up against these atrocities and demand change. It is crucial for moderate Muslims to take a stand and reclaim their religion from the extremists who have twisted its teachings for their own nefarious purposes. Only then can we hope to see an end to the violence and hatred that have plagued the Middle East for far too long.

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