Meet The Digital Media USA Team

Welcome to Digital Media USA, where innovation meets creativity! Get to know the brilliant minds driving our success – meet our dynamic team of passionate individuals dedicated to shaping the future of digital media. From visionary strategists to tech wizards, our diverse talents converge to deliver cutting-edge solutions and elevate your brand to new heights. Discover the faces behind the innovation, the passion fueling our projects, and the expertise propelling us forward. At Digital Media USA, we’re not just a team; we’re a powerhouse of creativity, collaboration, and unparalleled digital prowess. Join us on a journey to transform ideas into extraordinary digital experiences!

ShAikAt ChowDhure

Chief Technology Officer, Digital Media USA

Shaikat Chowdhure, an innovative technologist and strategic leader, serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Digital Media USA, a cutting-edge media and technology company driving the future of digital experiences.

Early Years and Education: Hailing from a small town with big dreams, Shaikat Chowdhure displayed an early passion for technology. He pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from a renowned university, where his exceptional skills and dedication earned him accolades and scholarships.

Rising through the Ranks: Shaikat’s career took off like a rocket as he joined Digital Media USA in its early days. His technical prowess and visionary thinking quickly caught the attention of the leadership, propelling him through the ranks. He spearheaded numerous successful projects, demonstrating an uncanny ability to turn complex technical challenges into opportunities.

Innovations and Achievements: Under Shaikat’s leadership, Digital Media USA became a pioneer in the integration of artificial intelligence and immersive technologies within the digital media landscape. He led the development of groundbreaking platforms that revolutionized user engagement and content delivery. His strategic initiatives and forward-thinking approach significantly contributed to the company’s exponential growth and industry recognition.

Thought Leader and Speaker: Recognized as a thought leader in the tech industry, Shaikat is a sought-after speaker at international conferences and tech forums. His insightful talks on the intersection of technology and media have inspired many aspiring professionals and established him as a prominent figure in the digital innovation space.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement: Beyond his professional achievements, Shaikat is actively involved in philanthropy and community initiatives. He believes in using technology for social good and has championed various projects aimed at bridging the digital divide and fostering technological education in underserved communities.

Personal Life: In his rare moments away from the digital realm, Shaikat enjoys exploring the world through travel, indulging in culinary adventures, and staying physically active through a variety of sports. His diverse interests reflect a well-rounded individual with a passion for life both inside and outside the technological domain.

Shaikat Chowdhure continues to shape the future of digital media, leading Digital Media USA into new frontiers of innovation and cementing his legacy as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Hans Wilder

Chief Executive Officer, Digital Media USA

Meet the dynamic force at the helm of Digital Media USA, our CEO, Hans Wilder! A virtuoso in domains, design, and vibrant colors, Hans is anything but your typical CEO. Before captaining the ship at Digital Media USA, this tech maven illuminated the District of Columbia as a lighting virtuoso and extended his expertise to Europe with the Lite Co.

A distinguished US military veteran, Hans’s journey unfolded on the bustling streets of New York, where he assumed the role of Vice President at Monsoon Films. A savant in scouting film locations, a maestro in music videos, and a sorcerer of web design, Hans has indelibly shaped the creative landscape.

In the bustling intersection of technology and creativity, Hans’s early years were marked by pioneering work in real estate video. His innovative approach paved the way for immersive property experiences, redefining industry standards and capturing the essence of spaces in ways previously unexplored.

As a testament to his commitment to service and innovation, Hans served with honor in the US military, bringing discipline, leadership, and a can-do spirit to every endeavor. His experiences have not only shaped him as a leader but have also instilled a deep sense of responsibility and a passion for making a positive impact.

Beyond the boardroom and the bustling streets of New York, Hans is known for his philanthropic efforts. He actively supports initiatives aimed at empowering veterans, fostering creativity in underprivileged communities, and promoting sustainable practices in the tech industry. His commitment to social responsibility echoes through the corridors of Digital Media USA, inspiring a culture of giving back and making a meaningful difference.

In his role as the CEO of Digital Media USA, Hans brings this rich tapestry of experiences, blending passion, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Under his visionary leadership, Digital Media USA continues to push boundaries, creating innovative solutions that redefine the digital landscape.

Join us in applauding the remarkable journey and vibrant career of our CEO, Hans Wilder – a trailblazer in the digital realm, a champion of creativity, a